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Waiting for the third trimester to learn?

I’ve got Good news and Bad news for you.

Ok, bad news first.

Bad News: ❌

This is the wrong idea

It's common for first time parents to believe this, so you're not alone if you do. However, this is just the wrong idea to have when preparing for birth.

Why? Your newborn can come sooner than the expected due date. Can you imagine being in the birth class and your wife begins labor? 😩 This doesn't allow the needed time to relax and mentally prepare for the birth in the third trimester.

Good news. ✅

I'll teach you the right idea.

Begin preparing for birth early. Taking a child birth class in the first trimester allows you time to question, practice and prepare. You'll, also have time to find other birth classes if the one you took doesn't work.

Black Dad Tips: 👍🏾

1. Be present, take the Birth Classes with your wife. This allows the two of you to always be on the same page.

2. Take as many childhood education classes as possible. Learn how to bathe a newborn, perform Newborn CPR, sit in on breastfeeding classes, (Yes, you can still be helpful while mom is breastfeeding.)

3. Subscribe to the Hey Black Dad Youtube Channel for regular content about preparing for fatherhood.

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