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Babies Born Under Water?

As crazy as it sounds, babies can be born underwater! Wait. Babies aren’t mermaids, so how Sway 🧐! For 9 months babies grow in a warm aquatic environment of about 98.6F. You’d think that exiting the womb is what triggers baby to breathe. Nah, it’s when baby feels the change in temperature that it begins to take its first breath. In a traditional birth, this temperature change is felt immediately after birth. BUT in a water birth the temperature change is not felt until baby is lifted from the water.

Some moms choose to deliver in an inflatable pool made specifically for birth aka a birth pool Alternatively, some moms use what they already have like a bathtub or jacuzzi. Water helps us feel boyount and it can help mom with pain management and provide a smooth transition for baby.

Hey👋🏾Black Dad Tips:

1. Inflate your birth pool a week before the due date. That’ll give you time to check for any holes that need to be repaired.

2. Once inflated, get inside of the pool with your partner to ensure there is enough room for two …well three. 👶🏾

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