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Doula Training: How Doulas Can Include Dads


If you are a doula and you’re looking for ways to include dads, look no further. As a husband, father and certified male doula I host "How Doulas Can Include Dads". This engaging online training will not only give doulas new language to communicate with expecting dads, but also provide tangible father centered resources. Bringing an in-depth perspective of how to include dads, you’ll leave the training with tips and tools to add to your intellectual “doula bag”. While my wife was pregnant, I searched for resources specific to transitioning into fatherhood that would highlight my roles and responsibilities as a birth partner. I found little to none. After my daughter was born, I decided to become a doula for dads, where I educates expecting fathers on their roles and how to best support their partners. I invite you to join me for this training that will prove to be useful as you engage with fathers who are under your care.





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