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The Hospital Bag

Are you ready to go at a moments notice?

Hey Black Dad! 👋🏾 Be prepared to head at the hospital at a moments notice with a simple hospital bag. Here is what's recommended to have! If you’re coming up on week 3️⃣5️⃣ of the pregnancy it’s time to have your hospital bag packed and ready to go at any moment 🏃🏾♂️!

Pressing the button will take you to a video where I explain all you need to know about your hospital bag.

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A hospital will not let you leave without having a properly installed carseat for your newborn's first ride home. press the link below to see the carseat we used for our newborn.

Waterproof Toiletry Bag

A waterproof toiletry bag will help keep your bathroom essentials safe from damage. most hospitals request that he mother and child to stay for about 3 days. so you.ll need your toiletries to stay fresh.

Iphone and android charger

Hospital rooms are laid out differently than our bedrooms and living rooms. sometimes the nearest outlet can be 3+ feet away. thats why I recommend having the long cords. This will help you have all the battery you need for the pics you'll be taking and calls you'll be making.

Waterproof Pillowcase

When mom comes home having additional cushion to sit on in the car will be much appreciated. A waterproof pillowcase will help prevent damage from accidents.

Battery Operated Candles

Most hospitals will not allow for open flamed candles in their rooms due to the risk of fire. Having battery operated candles will help to set the environment and make it all the more relaxing for you and mom to focus on what you're there for.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights will add an additional touch to the lighting and set the mood from a high light hospital room to a calm and welcoming room to bring a child in.

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Sleep  Better, Parent Better.

A Bedside Sleeper

Ok, It's a known thing, Sleeping with a newborn in the house can be a difficult task. Being a tired parent isn't great for the entire household. "How do you balance a newborn and sleep?" you ask. 

Ok, are you ready? Co Sleep. Yes I said it and I mean it!  Not beds haring, but co sleeping. this is when you have your newborn in the same room with you when sleeping at night. 

Co sleeping has helped many families around the world enjoy e few more hours on average when it comes to sleep. families enjoy more sleep because they don't have to get up, leave their bedroom enter the crying newborn's room, turn on a light and console the child.

Nope! this all happens in the same room. Now mom doesn’t even have to stand up to get to the baby. keeping much more peace in the evening.

What I like about this sleeper.

Now that you know why I recommend co sleeping, Here is why i recommend THIS co sleeper.

1. It's got big wheels. 

Your newborn will take many naps throughout the day, you'll still need to get things done around the house or want to relax in another room. Have no fear, this bad boy can go anywhere. The larger than usual wheels allow for easy transport to anywhere in your home.

2. It's 3 things in one.

It's like a transformer bro! Ok, seriously this co sleeper has the ability to change from a bedside sleeper to being a crib and it can serve as a play-pin for when your little one becomes a toddler.

3. Setup is easy.

When your baby is on the way you'll have enough furniture to be building, not only that, but you'll be busy doing other things, like learning about labor. needless to say, time isn't all on your side when your family is expecting. With that said. this took me an=bout 15 - 20 minutes to set up, tops.

Best of all, its very affordable. find more information by clicking on the button below.

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